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Domain name fraud not only diverts web traffic — it steals profits from your business. DomainSkate is domain name protection that helps you monitor infringements, eliminate fraud, and grow your business online. Put us to work for you today!

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Why domain brand protection? What is it?

Most companies don’t monitor their brand’s domain spaces online. So why should you? Because the underbelly of the internet spends its time buying up other people’s branded sites and trying to defraud their customers.

In fact, many companies only find out about domain fraud when an unhappy client informs them. It shouldn’t be your client’s job to find out when you’re being infringed upon. But staying on top of this isn’t that simple. .COM is definitely not the only active domain space anymore. There are hundreds of potential variations on your domain name. How do you protect YourCompany.COM against being faked on YourCompany.NET least of all YourCompany.NYC or .BEER or .LAWYER. or or or…

Not only that but think of all your branded terms and trademarks. Anything your market trusts and knows you for. Anything your business reputation depends on.

Domain spaces are not interchangeable, and they don’t all point to your site right now. These could be pointing to anything, depending on who buys the domain. Doesn’t have to be you, almost anyone could buy up your brand’s or company’s domains and start trying to defraud your clientele.

While the number of potential marketplaces is growing, so is the number of dangers: cybersquatting, fraud, phishing. This leads to disreputable websites designed for only one thing: to steal your client’s trust from you.

Sure, the huge sites like Facebook and Google have dealt with this nightmare. But it’s not just them. Trademark infringements against the big mega-giant websites make big news once in a while, but your company might be fighting the same battle and not even know it. In fact, if you’re seeing a fair degree of success online, you’re even more of a target for these nasty chatracters. There are so many domain spaces out there that some companies give up, thinking it’s impossible to do anything about it without spending all of your time on it.

If you have trademarks to protect, or a brand and reputation you want to protect online, this is absolutely your starting point. Ask any seasoned online security consultant, and they’ll tell you: your first step is to protect your brand’s various domains in alternate domain spaces.

So, how do you protect your brand reputation online considering the huge number of domain spaces, called TLDs? You buy up as many TLDs as you can, right? But that’s a huge task, and domains aren’t all available from the same places. .COM is easy to buy, sure. But how about.NYC? .LAW? .BIO? Even .BEER or .XYZ exist. Plus, new TLDs start up regularly now. The internet is still growing. Fraud is still increasing. Businesses and their legal teams need someplace to start. DomainSkate is it.

DomainSkate helps your business stay current on the domain name marketplace, knowing when new opportunities or threats arise, and helps you get your brand back when it’s been infringed on. We stay current on new TLDs so that you don’t have to. We take the mystery right out of it, providing a safety net against the growing domain space, helping you bring domain fraud and infringement threats back under your control as simply and easily as possible.

Tell us your brands and your terms that you want to protect, and we’ll make it easy from that point forward. Yes, it’s really that simple. We’ve automated a murky, difficult task, and made it possible to stay on top of this without further headaches. Get started towards protecting your brand’s domain reputation right now, and we’ll thrown in your first month free.