Protect Your Business and Domain Name Online

A good business is a great target for online fraud. Scammers or thieves can use your business name to misdirect customers, steal traffic, profits, spread malware and viruses, or damage your reputation. We can help.

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We protect your business from identity theft

1    Enter your information in our cloud-based software program.

We scan every registered domain name, everyday, and provide constant monitoring of over 270 million domains for similar web addresses. When we find something we send you alerts on everything that could pose a risk to your business.

2    Evaluate the domains that pose a risk to your business.

losing customers from
reputational damage

Your domain name can be registered with prefixes and suffixes with the intent to cause damage to your online reputation.

clickbait or adwords website
with a similar domain

Scammers put up a site under a similar domain name as yours, with a list of links displayed for the sole purpose of driving adwords revenue. This confuses your customers and damages your online reputation.

lost profits from malware
and spam

Your domain name can be registered with a different extension, and customers can visit the wrong site accidentally and become infected with malware.

phishing using a different
domain extension

Phishing scammers make websites that are identical to legitimate companies as a way to fraudulently obtain customer information.

3    Take action to protect your business.

Don’t let internet thieves affect your brand’s reputation! We put resources at your fingertips to protect your business identity online.

  • We can connect you with a lawyer who can help you resolve any issues
  • Download domain information and ownership reports to bring to your own counsel
  • Every business or domain owner should be monitoring their name online

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